18. Look up to God

Finally Moses and Aaron were on their way to meet Pharaoh. Now according to ancient writings and the movie of 'The Prince of Egypt' Pharaoh on the throne during this time was Ramses. It could have been someone else, but as far as we know it was Ramses. Now Ramses undoubtedly knew Moses. They most probably grew up together, maybe they were even cousins, but they both grew up in the palace. Maybe they attended school together, learned martial arts together and even played together. We won't know, but they certainly knew one another.

In any event it must have been very difficult for Moses. Either the Pharaoh loved Moses as a child growing up together as portrayed in the film the 'Prince of Egypt'. If that was the case it must have been difficult for Moses to take a stand against him and announce God's judgment on the Egyptians. A very heart-rendering thing to do. Or maybe Pharaoh hated Moses growing up, maybe he didn't like it that this Hebrew boy was taken into the palace as one of their own. If that was the case, it must have been difficult for Moses too, as he would have gone there fearing for his life, afraid that Pharaoh would kill him instantly. Either case, it was very difficult for Moses to approach Pharaoh.

And not only that, he had to appear in front of the ruler of the mightiest empire back then in his shepherd clothes. In those days the Egyptians despised shepherds and viewed their occupation as the lowliest of low. He stood in front of the mightiest man on earth in those days, in the clothes of the lowest occupation of those days. He must have felt totally inferior!

Poor Moses didn't have it easy, but he persisted and continued as God instructed and he was honored beyond measure. Today he is still regarded as one of the greatest men ever. And what made him so great? He listened to God, he obeyed Him even by confronting his friends/enemies, he didn't look at himself here as a lowly shepherd, but he knew who he was in God. He feared God more than men, and that has made all the difference.

Next time you feel inferior, don't look at yourself, but look to God. Next time you need to reprimand someone close to you who don't regard God as Holy, take courage. Next time you need to confront an 'enemy' with the Word of God, do it. But remember don't do it out of revenge, but because you know that God has asked it of you!! Then He will be with you and provide you with the words to say.

Father God, You are in charge and this gives us so much peace. It is wonderful to know that You are always there to help us and that You are the One preparing the way. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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