22. Put God first

God started to move on behalf of His people to free them from Egypt with mighty deeds. God attacked every 'god' that the Egyptians had in their lives, for example the 'god' of the sun - Amon-Re, the crafty cow-goddess - Hathor etcetera. The first 'god' to be attacked was the river Nile. They viewed the river as a sacred river. Most of the population lived on the banks of the Nile. It made life possible in a country that was mostly desert by providing water for drinking, farming, bathing and fishing. Without the Nile's water, Egypt could not have existed. They were utterly dependant on it. Can you imagine their dismay when God turned the whole river Nile of 3 000 mile into a mass of blood! It must have been horrific! And not for one day, but for a whole week! Can you imagine the stench drifting through the land with all the fish that died as well? It must have been a sight that they quickly wanted to forget! Their sacred river, was not so sacred after all, but obeyed the Voice of the God of the Hebrews.

It made me wonder, what God would have done if we had a similar 'ten plagues' today? Which of our 'gods' would He have attacked? It seems to me that our main 'gods' today are status, money, recognition, power etcetera. Actually anything that takes a higher priority than God in our lives. It can even be things like spending too much time on social media and not having time to spend with God, or placing a higher value on our families than on God or putting advancement of our careers ahead of doing our work according to God's standards or even watching distasteful movies even though we know it will not carry away God's approval?

I'll ask again, what will God's plagues be today? Will it be a total collapse of the monetary system of the world placing all people on equal terms? Will the angel of death be sent to kill all actors playing in blasphemous films? Will it be the total collapse of all internet and internet related software? We shudder to think about it! What devastation will reign on the earth today if God said enough is enough and sent ten 'modern' plagues?

Maybe a good start will be to look at our own lives and confess the 'gods' that we have in our own personal lives and ask God's forgiveness. Confess God as number one in your lives again. Place Him on the seat in your life where He belongs. He deserves the number one spot in your life! But I know people are afraid to surrender and put Him first. For example I know of a lot of people who don't want to surrender their families to God, because they are afraid that God might take them away from them. Or surrender their jobs, because they are afraid that soon they might find themselves without employment as God decides to test them.

But remember, God is your Father, a tender loving Father and He wants only what is best for you. He will do nothing that will hurt you unnecessarily. He is not like us (thank goodness!), He doesn't want to get even like we do, He truly forgives and forgets. He is just so glad when we choose Him! Don't you think it is time to surrender your 'gods' to Him? It truly is worth it.

We love You Lord, more than we can say! We love You to the depths of our being. Please forgive us if we don't put You first in our lives. We want to; as we know You have our best interests in mind. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

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  1. Gravatar of MadelMadel
    Posted Friday, 21 September 2012 at 7:49:18 AM

    Baie cool boodskap, nog nooit so daaroor gedink nie. Ek kan aan 'n hele paar moderne dag plae dink om by te sit!

  2. Gravatar of RonelleRonelle
    Posted Friday, 21 September 2012 at 8:28:45 AM

    I feel the same as Madel. I have never thought of it in this way. Thank you for giving us a new perspective on our 'gods'.

  3. Gravatar of HenriHenri
    Posted Friday, 21 September 2012 at 10:01:39 AM

    Thank you for making the old testament real and alive to us in our modern lives. We tend to regard the events of the old testament as not always having relevance to us today.

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