35. Pray for your spiritual leaders (1)

The Amalekites attacked the Israelites at Rephidim. As I discussed last week, the Amalekites were a warlike nation, fierce in battle, a force to be reckoned with. And the Amalekites were the Israelites' first physical encounter with any nation, as they had never been in a battle before!

Now as I discussed last week, Moses didn't go with the Israelites into battle. We don't know if the Lord told him not to or whether he knew the battle was a spiritual one. But never the less, Joshua led the Israelites into battle and Moses, Aaron and Hur observed from the hill close by. Now I discussed last week how Moses held up his staff and by doing that, he won the battle for Israel by doing spiritual warfare and not physical warfare. Aaron and Hur were there to help him do just that.

Today I would like to look for a moment at the battle from the Israelites' point of view. I wonder what they thought when Moses didn't go with them into battle? It was the first time since the first plague that Moses was not right there with them. I wonder if some of them murmured amongst themselves something to the effect of:

'Just as I thought, when the going gets tough he makes sure to get out of the way.'

'Look at Moses, he is not fighting and enduring the hardship as we are, who does he think he is?'

'Look at him, nice and safe up there on the hill, while we are being slaughtered down here.'

I think you get the idea. The Bible doesn't mention anything, but I just have a feeling that they did complain. Knowing the Israelites they most probably did.

Today we tend to do the same. We are very critical sometimes of our spiritual leaders and think that they have it easy. We think that we are doing all the tough difficult things and they are nice and cosy, able to spend lovely time with God. We tend to discard the spiritual responsibility that they have and only look at what they are physically doing. While in fact they are winning the battle for us by focusing on the spiritual warfare God has placed in their hearts to do.

We should not be critical of them, but we should rather be like Aaron and Hur and help to keep 'their hands up'. We can extend a hand of help where we can, we can give them encouragement when needed, we can pray for them or we can even help on a physical level with their families/workload. Think first before you tend to think that they have it easy and you have it difficult. Remember, God's roles for each one of us is different, but no less important.

Thank you Father for the spiritual leaders in our lives. Father we pray that You will bless them abundantly and that You will lead them unto new heights spiritually. Give them the strength to carry on. In Jesus Name. Amen

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