39. Do not make rash promises to God

God made a covenant with Israel that they will be His very own possession, His kingdom of priests, if they will obey Him and keep His covenant. Moses brought the message to the people and they answered:

'They all responded together. "We will certainly do everything the Lord asks of us." Exodus 19:8

Without wavering and without thinking it through, they agreed to follow God and to obey Him. It is lovely when you think about it, but the problem is that they were not sincere and they didn't obey Him going forward. In fact they frequently overstepped the boundaries set for them and it cost them dearly.

Making a rash promise to God is a common theme in the Bible and the Lord warns us against it. Don't do it, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Don't make promises to God. Because if you do, God expects you to keep them.

For example one of Israel's judges, Jephtah made a rash vow to God. He promised God that if God will give him victory over the Ammonites he will sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house when he returned to the Lord as a burnt offering. Unfortunately for Jephtah, the first thing that greeted him when he came back from the battle was his daughter, his only child. How sad! He didn't have to make a vow to God, God would have helped him even if he didn't. But now he did make such a rash vow and how he regretted it!

Have you made a promise to God? Or have you made a commitment to Him? And if you did, are you keeping to it or are you bargaining with Him when it becomes uncomfortable?

I once made a promise to God. I was doing a Service year of Christ and I promised that I would read my Bible and spend time with Him every morning and every evening before I went to bed, for that whole year. Now it was very easy at the beginning. During our 12 weeks of training we had scheduled times with God. So it was very easy to keep to my promise because it was scheduled into our program. But once we started to move out and to travel the whole country proclaiming His Name to all the schools we went to, it became increasingly difficult for me. It wasn't as easy as before, because now I had to get up earlier as the rest, to read my Bible. I also had to stay up later than the others to read my Bible even if we returned home at midnight after a hectic day of ministering to others. It was very difficult for me. God never told me to make the promise, but once I did, He expected me to keep it. I had a reverent fear of the Lord and I did keep to the promise, but it was very difficult and I was sorry that I made it.

We need to keep to our end of the 'bargain'. We are treading on dangerous ground if we make rash promises to God. Don't do it. But if you want to, think of the consequences and stick to it, God will certainly bless you for it. But at the end of the day, rather spend time with God because you want to and not because you made a promise, or rather trust God than making a promises trying to 'twist His arm' to do something for you in return. Rather treat God as Holy, because He is!

Forgive us Lord if we make rash promises to You and then do not keep it. Please forgive us. Rather help us to trust in You. Amen

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