47. Treat God with holiness and respect

Moses went up to Mount Sinai to receive instructions from God for forty days and forty nights. It must have been a holy and humbling experience for Moses, standing in the midst of our Glorious God! There God gave him instructions on the clothing of the priests, the dedication of the priests, the layout of the Tabernacle, the utensils and items in the Tabernacle etc. And as I was reading this and all the detailed instructions, I realized how Holy God was. How absolutely holy! Everything had to be done specifically to honor His holiness.

Nothing defiled with sin could come into His holy presence and therefore the priests, the clothes, the Tabernacle and the sacrifices had to be clean and consecrated in order to meet God. It was not a quick encounter, but it took a lot of planning and time to get ready to seek God's presence and forgiveness for their sins. Plus the high priest could only enter the Most Holy Place once a year on the Day of Atonement, to come into God's presence and ask for atonement for the sins of the whole nation. He couldn't go whenever he pleased, if he did, he would surely have died.

Today we can enter into God's presence at any time due to the wonderful work of Jesus Christ. He took away the barrier between us and God, allowing us to enter freely into God's presence. We can come just as we are without special attire and special arrangements. We don't need days' of planning and getting ready for God's presence, we can just come. And because it is so easy to do, we tend to do it very casually. We tend to lose something of the holy regard for God that the Israelites had. We rush into worship and whilst worshipping our thoughts would be on something else.

I feel that we have lost something of the holiness of God today. We talk casually of Him and when we pray, we sometimes pray the same sentences over and over again, resulting in a mindless action, as we know it off by heart.

No, we can learn something from the way God instructed the Israelites to approach Him. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He has never changed, He is still as holy as He was in Moses' day and we should always remember that. The way of worshipping Him has just become easier, but no less holy. He is our Almighty Creator, the Sustainer of the Universe and we should approach Him with the correct reverence and respect He deserves. Remember that next time you pray and enter into His presence. I certainly need to remind myself of that too!

God, You are holy, holy, holy, today and forevermore. You deserve respect and reverence. Please forgive us if we do not treat You like that. We are frail human beings and we are sinners, but thank you that we know that You still love us. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit. We love You too. Amen

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