52. Lead us unto the right paths

Last week we saw that sins have consequences and the Israelites quickly learned that lesson after they worshipped the calf of gold. They were quite aware that they were supposed to worship God alone. Now due to this incident, God spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting and told him that He couldn't continue travelling with the Israelites as He 'would be tempted to destroy them along the way (Exodus 33:3)'. But Moses pleaded with the Lord to come with them.

'Then Moses said, "If You don't go with us personally, don't let us move a step from this place. If You don't go with us, how will anyone ever know that Your people and I have found favor with You? How else will they know we are special and distinct from all other people on the earth?" Exodus 33:15.

Moses knew that without God on their side they would be lost and not only that, they would be open prey for any nation to attack them. He knew that only with God by their side can they enter into the Promised Land. They were not strong enough to move forward on their own.

And due to Moses' request an amazing thing happened:

'And the Lord replied to Moses, "I will indeed do what you have asked, for you have found favor with Me, and you are My friend." Exodus 33:17

Wow! The prayer of the righteous has an amazing effect. God does listen and our prayers do have an effect if we pray earnestly and according to God's Will. Moses did not pray for himself and for selfish gain, no, he prayed that God be glorified in Israel through the mighty deeds He can still do through them. He prayed that God's glory be seen as other nations realize that the Almighty God was with them.

We too need to pray earnest prayers. We need to pray for God's Will to be done as we are instructed to do in the Lord's prayer too. And we need to ask God to be with us. Naturally He is with us as He is omnipresent, but we need to really seek His face and ask Him to lead us on the way He wants us to go, not where we want to go. Moses refused to move one more step without God and we too need to consult Him before we take a step into any other direction than the one God has already shown us. God has a perfect will for each one of us and we need to consult Him as to what it is. We need to keep on that path if we want to experience His joy and peace in all its fullness!

Moses and the Israelites could have gone on without God, but I can't help but wonder where they would have ended up. I am quite certain that they would never have entered the Promised Land and experienced the wonder of the land flowing with milk and honey.

Stand firm as Moses did and make sure that God is with you personally on your journey. Ask His directions and then you can be certain that you are on the right path!

Lord, we ask Your forgiveness that we sometimes go on, on our own paths without even consulting You. Please give us Your leading as we know that we can go nowhere without Your leading and Your everlasting presence. We long for Your peace and Your joy that surpasses all understanding. Lead us onto Your right path for us. Thank you. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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    Moses and the Israelites could have gone on without God, but I can't help but wonder where they would have ended up.

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