60. Turn away from the world

We are currently busy discussing Moses' life and we are looking at the rules that God gave Moses for the Israelites to follow. These rules are called 'The Law of Moses' and is actually quite interesting to read and I think there is a lot to learn from them. But for now I am not going to focus on them, maybe God willing, at another time. I can only give an opinion of all these rules if the Holy Spirit leads me to, because without His leading I might just come to the wrong conclusion.

So for now there are only two things that I would like to highlight. The first thing I'll highlight today and the second next week. In the first place through all these rules God wanted to teach them a new culture, as they were about to enter into an idol-infested country full of pagan religions and cultures. He wanted them to stand out and be different from these pagans. These Canaanites' society and religions appealed to worldly desires, especially sexual immorality and drunkenness. And God wanted His nation to keep themselves pure and set apart for Him and Him alone. God didn't want them to be affected by the pagan nations as they could easily forget all about Him.

And today is no different. Today's society loves money, looks, status and power. It all revolves around them. Pick up any secular magazine and it is filled with how to enhance your looks, sex and even pornography disguised as 'health and fitness'. The world doesn't endorse marriage and children brought up in a stable home. No, anything goes. Whatever you feel like, you do. That is the way to go. And if you want to make it in the business world, any means is okay, even if it ruins other people's lives in the process, making it to the top is all that matters. It really is so sad.

God wants us to clearly stand apart from all of this and show the world that serving Him is the best way! Only by serving Him and living according to His Word, can we truly be happy. The way of the world leads to destruction and Satan doesn't want us to realize it. He wants us to follow him and his ways. And God knows how easily we can be distracted. Therefore in everything you do, keep away from the world and all its 'pleasures'. I know it is very difficult in our society as we are surrounded by it, but try and rather fill your minds with what is pure and good. Remember that next time you want to buy a magazine that doesn't honor God, remember that when you want to watch a movie that is questionable, remember that when you 'flirt' on face book with someone you are not married to, remember that when you want to discredit someone at work in order to advance etc etc.

Remember to stand tall as people of God. He is our Standard and only in Him is true happiness. Only He provides everlasting peace. Be different from this world, don't conform to it and make the same mistake the Israelites did thousands of years ago. They followed the customs of the Canaanites as soon as they entered the land and that had grave consequences. Rather follow God's standards and know that you are on the right path.

Lord, thank you so much that there is a different way to this world's. This world is wicked and can deceive so easily. Please help us to discern and to do the right thing. You are what is important and nothing else! In Jesus Name. Amen

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