74. Be a good steward

The Israelites were a buzz of negativity. They didn't want to listen to Moses or to the two good reports given by Joshua and Caleb concerning the Promised Land. They simply chose to believe the ten negative reports and only wanted to turn back to Egypt in a frantic state. But finally after all the moaning, God had had enough because this certainly wasn't the first time that they had moaned and groaned and didn't want to trust Him since leaving Egypt. His glorious presence appeared to all the Israelites above the Tabernacle and He wanted to destroy them all. Moses immediately stepped in and pleaded with the Lord to be more patient and not to destroy them. And God listened. Instead He gave them what they feared most, death in the wilderness. He decided to let them wander for forty years in the wilderness, until all of them that had moaned were dead and then He will enter the land with their children. And to prove His point further, He struck the ten scouts who incited the people with the negative report, dead with a plague.

Was God being too harsh? No. They were the generation that saw more of God's power and wonders than any generation before or after them. No one had ever experienced God's glory and might as they did. They were truly privileged in that regard, but along with that privilege come responsibility. They were expected to believe God after all that they had seen, heard and experienced. Therefore the punishment was justified.

Jesus confirms this in the New Testament:

"But people who are not aware that they are doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given." Luke 12:48

The more you know and have, the more God expects from you. I think that is why Paul gets so angry with the churches in his letters when he accuses them of not moving on with the Lord. He asks them why they are still acting like the world even after all the revelations that they had received from him. He accuses them of still being immature in the faith, still drinking spiritual milk instead of eating a spiritual steak like they were supposed to by now.

This is quite a scary thought for me as I spend a lot of time studying the Bible. In all the ages Bibles/ Biblical teachings/ Biblical videos, seminars etc have never been more available than now. If you live in a Country with religious freedom, you don't really have an excuse for not advancing in the Christian life. I realize that every day that I learn more, more would be required from me. Things that I considered 'minor sins' to do a while back, I can't even consider justifying it for myself anymore. I need to grow and I need to share what I learn and that is not always easy. But I realize that the Lord requires it of me. It is scary, but also exciting as I also believe that more opportunities will open up the more one studies God's Word. God would not continue to require more and more of you without giving you the strength to be able to handle it. He will be with you. Just don't get cold feet like the Israelites did, they certainly regretted it!

Father thank you for entrusting us with a lot. Help us to be good stewards with what You have given us and to trust You for the outcome. We love You and look forward to a wonderful future with You! Amen


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