105. God rules

Moses is recounting the journey of the Israelites to them. And here he tells them something interesting. He recalls the time that they passed by the countries of the Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites. And God told them not to attack them, because He had given them their land. Concerning the Edomites, He said:

"Don't bother them, for I have given them all the hill country around Mount Seir as their property, and I will not give you any of their land." Deuteronomy 2:5

Concerning the Moabites, He said:

"Do not bother the Moabites, the descendants of Lot, or start a war with them. I have given them Ar as their property, and I will not give you any of their land." Deuteronomy 2:9

And concerning the Moabites, He said the same. Now this made me realise that God is control of countries. He decides which nationality will occupy which country. We think that we and our armies are in charge of our countries, but in fact God is. God is also in charge of rulers, He states that clearly in Jeremiah 27:5,6:

"By My great power I have made the earth and all its people and every animal. I can give these things of Mine to anyone I choose. Now I will give your countries to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who is My servant. I have put everything, even the wild animals under His control."

Isn't that amazing? Here is Nebuchadnezzar, who wasn't even a believer at that stage, and God is using him for His own purposes. God also used Cyrus of Persia to accomplish His purpose.

"This is what King Cyrus of Persia says: The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth. He has appointed me to build Him a Temple at Jerusalem in the land of Judah." Ezra 1:2

God is in control of nations. He also declares this when He announces His punishment later on Edom for not honouring Him:

"I will chase Edom from its land, and I will appoint the leader of My choice. For who is like Me, and who can challenge Me? What ruler can oppose My will?" Jeremiah 49:19

No one can oppose God. He reigns supreme over nations and over rulers. This is a difficult statement to accept if the rulers of the day are not God fearing and not acting in the best interest of their people. In fact there are a lot of tyrants in several countries today, killing thousands of people that stand in their way. Peter himself was living under the rule of such a tyrant, the notoriously cruel King Nero and yet he also tells us to accept all authority and to show respect for the king, no matter how evil he is (1 Peter 2:13,14).  It seems so unfair and we don't understand why. I can honestly say that I battle with it too and I cannot give you reasons today as to why God allows them to reign, but I know that it all falls into His plan. How? I don't know. But one thing I do know, and that is that He will work all things for the good of those who are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).

And when I have more questions mulling around in my head, I page to Job 38-41 and I stand in awe of the wonder of God and I accept that He knows best. I will close off with a few verses from these chapters:

"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me if you know so much. Do you know how its dimensions were determined and who did the surveying? What supports its foundations, and who laid its cornerstone as the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted with joy? Have you ever commanded the morning to appear and caused the dawn to rise in the east? Can you hold back the movement of the stars? Do you know the laws of the universe and how God rules the earth?" Job 38:4,5,6,12,31,33

Father You know best. We don't understand. We see only from an earthly perspective, but You look at countries from a heavenly perspective. Please help us to respect our rulers and to pray for them even if we don't agree with them. We know You are in control and You are our King. You rule every country and we proclaim You as our King today. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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    Posted Friday, 10 October 2014 at 10:25:11 AM

    Thank you for reminding us once again that no matter what happens, God is still in control and all is in His divine plan. We must just trust Him and keep on worshipping Him.

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