96. Remember to thank God

As we have seen last week, the Israelites took vengeance on the Midianites and killed all 5 their kings as well as all their men. They totally demolished the tribe, because God was with Israel. Afterward with the division of the spoils the military commanders noticed something:

"Then all the military commanders came to Moses and said, "Sir, we have accounted for all the men who went out to battle under our command; not one of them is missing!" Numbers 31:48, 49

How amazing is that? I don't think we see many battles now or in the past without even one casualty. It is a miracle in itself and clear to see that God was with them and helped them in this battle. And what did the commanders do?

"We are therefore presenting the items of gold we captured as an offering to the Lord from our share of the plunder - armbands, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. This will make atonement for our lives before the Lord." Numbers 31:50

How beautiful as that? They didn't take the glory and the honor for themselves, but they recognised God's hand in it all and gave glory to Him. And they gave glory to Him in a tangible form through giving their gold to Him. They praised Him for His help.

When I read this I immediately thought of all the times that I prayed over something and God listened to my prayers and I never went back and thanked Him for the wonderful way that things turned out. We are so inclined to go on and think that the way things turn out is just the way it is supposed to be and we never consider God's hand in it. Or even worse, afterward we take credit for the smooth way things turned out. We credit the turn of events to our talents or the hard work that we put in that paid off, or to fate. But God is ever present turning events into His and our favour. He is always there to help His children and gratitude on our parts would be well received.

Only one of the ten lepers that were healed returned to thank Jesus for what He had done for them. And Jesus immediately asked where the other nine were. Why didn't they return to thank Him? We shouldn't be like the other nine cured lepers. We should be like the one that came back and thanked God. And even more than that we should be like the military commanders that physically did something to thank God for His provision. We shouldn't just sit back and receive, but we should reach out to others and bless them and thereby live a life of gratitude towards God.

Remember next time to thank God for listening to your prayers and acting on your behalf. Maybe even keep a prayer journal if you are worried that you forget. We tend to forget so easily in our rushed lives. And when you page through your prayer journal praise and thank God for the way He looks after you.

Father please forgive us if we take all that You do for us for granted. We appreciate the fact that we do have a Father that is always there for us. We love You and thank You for Your ever present provision and kindness towards us. In Jesus Name. Amen


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