97. Keep a spiritual journal (1)

The Israelites were ready to go in and conquer their Promised Land. But before they could, they reflected on several things first. Amongst others, the whole Law of God was recited to them again in order to ensure that they knew it off by heart before they encountered the godless Canaanites. Another thing they reflected on was the journey that they took. God had told Moses to keep record of their progress throughout the wilderness.

"At the Lord's direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress. These are the stages of their march, identified by the different places they stopped along the way." Numbers 33:2

Here Moses reflected again on the journey that they took. Each place where they have been are mentioned and recorded here. And I can just imagine Moses reflecting on each and being grateful to God that they had come this far.

In our Christian journey it is also helpful to keep record of things that God had placed in your heart and of the progress that you are making on a spiritual level. I have a journal where I write down what God has placed in my heart, text verses that people give me, prophecies that have been spoken over my life as well as spiritual events that happen in my life.

I have found this journal to be very helpful for three reasons. One, I can see the story of my spiritual growth unfolding. It is wonderful to see the similarities between different events and to realise that God is confirming certain things for me. It gives me hope and it strengthens my faith. Secondly when I reach a low point in my spiritual journey, it is helpful to page through my high points and to be comforted again that God is busy with something big in my life. It also helps me to realise the growth that have taken place in my life and to be grateful for God's hand in my circumstances. It comforts me to see His provision and it makes me realise that He will provide again in the future. Nothing is too big or too difficult for Him. And thirdly, reading through my journal helps me not to make the same spiritual mistakes again. I have found myself battling with the same issue a couple of times, only months apart and it was only when I started to record it and read it on an ad hoc basis that I realised that I am not making progress in this area. I had to force myself then to rethink my situation and to really put an end to my struggle with it. God is gracious and good en He certainly helped me to do just that.

Try and keep a spiritual journal. You don't need to record something every day, but only when something relevant happens in your journey. You will find that it will aid your spiritual growth and will lift you up when you need it the most. It is worth a try.

Father God, thank you that we are growing spiritually with You. Thank you that You aid us in our growth. We want to grow closer to You every day, that is our deepest heart's desire. And thank you that we can know that Your Spirit is always there to help us. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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    Posted Friday, 08 August 2014 at 6:55:34 AM

    I am so sorry that I haven't started one years ago! It is never too late. I am going to buy a journal TODAY! Thank you Ilze. I love you.

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