102. Follow God

The Israelites were poised and ready to take their Promised Land. But Moses first addressed them. He reminded them of what God had done for them in the past, he again stated God's Law and principles to them and he finally made a sincere call for a recommitment to God. Moses wanted to make sure that they were ready to enter into their dream land.

This made me wonder. If I were an Israelite, how would I have felt standing on the banks of the Jordan river? They were excited no doubt, but I think they might have been a bit nervous too. Put yourselves in their shoes.  All of them (except Caleb and Joshua) were 20 years and younger when they left Egypt. So in fact all most of them knew were the wilderness and Moses as their leader. They didn't know anything else. And here they were on the verge of a totally new chapter in their lives. They knew God was with them and they knew that there was a good land waiting for them, but there were fortified cities and giants waiting for them. They still had a 'mountain' to climb in getting rid of the occupants of the land, before they could settle and enjoy the land of plenty given to them. It must have felt like a formidable task lying ahead. But when God said they must move, they did, with pounding hearts and all.

The unknown is always a bit of a risk. For risk seekers it is fun, but for most people that are risk averse, it is a daunting prospect. But God was with them and as you probably know, He helped them in conquering the land that He had decided to give them.

Now what if God tells you today to move out? Will you do it? It is such a difficult question isn't it? We as humans so easily fall into a comfort zone. Even if the promised future is better than what we have at the moment, the future is unknown and it makes us scared sometimes. But God can tell us to move at any time. Sometimes we need to climb a mountain first like the Israelites had to, but if God is leading you out, you need to go and take the first step. He will help you.

The important thing is to take the first step. But before you do, do what Moses did. First of all, look back at how God has looked after you in the past. Pause and reflect again at how He has provided for you and gain confidence that He will help you in this future endeavour too. Secondly, make sure that you have God's principles inside and that you are walking in love, love for God and love for others. This is important, as you need to keep on God's pathway and within His will, otherwise you might make wrong detours on the path that He is leading you to. And in the third place, make a renewed commitment to God, because if you are not in fellowship with Him and if your relationship is not where it is supposed to be, you might miss His leading within the new adventure He is leading you into. It is important to be in tune with God and to follow His voice.

God had a bright future ahead for the Israelites, they simply needed to obey and follow Him. And the same is true for us. He has a bright future for us too, and when He tells us to go, we should follow closely in His footsteps to where He wants to lead us.

Thank you Father that we can look forward to a wonderful future with You. We must admit that we are scared sometimes and that we don't know where the road is leading us to, but thank you that we can know that You are in the future already. We look forward to Your guidance and help. In Jesus Name. Amen


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  1. Gravatar of RonelleRonelle
    Posted Thursday, 11 September 2014 at 3:42:43 PM

    Thank you Ilze for reminding us that He always holds our hands, no matter what. We NEVER have to be afraid, of ANYTHING. Because our trust is in Him.

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