36. Finding the right person to marry

Abraham was very old by now. But before his death he wanted to make sure that Isaac get the right wife. He realised that the Canaanite women were unbelievers and he didn't want Isaac to marry one of them. And he also didn't want Isaac to leave Canaan to go back to Abraham's home country, because Abraham wanted Isaac to stay within the land promised to him by God. So Abraham sent for his oldest servant, in charge of his household, Eliezer, and asked him to travel to Abraham's relatives and find a wife for Isaac there. He bound him by an oath that he will do that. Eliezer agreed, but wanted to be relieved from his oath if he cannot find a suitable wife that will leave her family to come and marry Isaac. And Abraham agreed. But notice what Abraham says before Eliezer leaves:

"God will send His angel ahead of you, and He will see to it that you find a young woman there to be my son's wife." Genesis 24:7

Abraham trusted God to find the right wife for his son. He also believed that God will provide. And sure enough, Eliezer followed in the wonderful example set by his master. Abraham had a wonderful godly influence on his household. Not only was he an 'honoured prince' in the area, he was also highly regarded in his household and he drew them closer to God as well. As I said last week, Abraham's life is a wonderful example for us to follow.

Now Eliezer left immediately and travelled with ten camels loaded with gifts, the very best of what his master owned.  And the moment he arrived at a well just outside the village where Abraham's brother Nahor had settled, he dedicated his mission to the Lord:

"O Lord, God of my master," he prayed. "Give me success and show kindness to my master, Abraham. Help me to accomplish the purpose of my journey." Genesis 24:12

It is so wonderful to me how he and Abraham asked God's guidance in seeking a wife for Isaac. They gave the matter into God's hands and trusted Him to help them.

Besides giving your life to God, the biggest choice you need to make in your life is who to marry. It is even a bigger choice than your career. And therefore God's guidance is of the utmost importance. Most people follow their feelings and marry the first person that makes them feel good about themselves only later to discover that that feeling disappeared after a while. God's advice and God's guidance in choosing the right person to marry should be your first stop. Ask God to give you the right man/woman, ask Him to guide you, ask Him for confirmation once you have found someone you liked, and stay on your knees and wait for the peace of God that transcends all understanding. God has the best spouse in mind for you. He wants the two of you to accomplish His purposes together. Give the choice over to Him. You will find that He will help you just as He helped Abraham and Eliezer. He wants to help you. Do not marry the first eligible person that comes along, but rather trust in Him for the right person.

And if you are married already and have children, be like Abraham and pray that your children will find the right person to marry one day. Your prayers can guide them and help them to find the right one.

It is such a wonderful thing if you pray, obtain God's guidance and marry the right person. A marriage built on the foundation of Jesus Christ is such a wonderful testimony to the world. It portrays how Christ is the Bridegroom and how the church is His bride, it is a testimony of how much He loves us and it is a testimony of holy matrimony that will last forever and ever.

Father please help those still seeking to find the right person to marry. Father You know what an important choice it is and I pray today that You will help them and guide them along the best pathway for their lives. May they find the right one and may they be blissfully happy and build their marriage on Your solid foundation, Jesus Christ. Amen

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