9. The bricks in our lives (2)

The first and most important brick in our lives is the Lord; in fact Jesus has become the cornerstone on which we should build our houses. Our faith should be our foundation, without which our houses won't be able to stand. He should be our number one and should be our first love. We should dedicate everything we have and everything we do unto Him. He should be our everything!

2. Our family

Now the second most important brick in our lives is our family. Starting with our spouse, our kids, our parents and then on to our siblings, far off family and friends that sometimes feel closer than family.

This is also what Jesus tells us to do, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Mark 12:31

They are the people that matters most in your life and the ones who should receive second place.  I am convinced that at your deathbed they are the ones you would want there with you, holding your hand and telling you that they love you. Definitely not your broker, lawyer and shareholders, I can promise you that!

Then why do we battle to make them the second priority? Why are we inclined to organize our lives in such a way that they receive maybe fourth or fifth place? Is it because we think that they would understand that we are busy building our careers? That we need some time to ourselves and that we need recreation that takes the whole day on Saturdays, every Saturday?

I think most of us want to receive recognition from the world, and in the back of our minds we think that our family will always be there, whether we spend quality time with them or not. But the truth is the cement of your house is your relationship with them as well as the quality time you spend with them. Without that cement your whole house will come tumbling down. Words are no substitute for deeds, and neither are presents. It is only your presence that really counts.

One preacher once said that whenever it was one of his children's' birthdays he would make sure he was home. Even if he was in China for a business trip, he would fly back for their birthday and fly back to China the next day. And you know what, I do believe that those children felt much more loved, than when he simply picked up the phone and called them. Well for some people a call would be a starting point as they forget birthdays all together and when they claim that they care about you, you struggle to believe them. Now I am not saying you must do what this preacher did, but make the effort and go the extra mile for those closest to you, help them to experience your love and see God's love in you. Play with your kids, go and watch their games, memorize their friends' names, spend quality time alone with your spouse, surprise him/her with special notes in their lunch box, come home early and have a game night with your family, treat your parents now and again, phone them and be interested in their daily living. I can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

It doesn't cost money to put them first, only time and effort on your behalf. And I can promise you it would be worthwhile. Your house will be strong, and with the right foundation, you will be able to weather any storm.

Lord Jesus, thank you so much for our family and close friends. Thank you for blessing us with them. Help us to treasure them and keep them close to our hearts. Amen.



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