42. Do not worry, God's got this

Last week we finished off with the Most Holy Place. We came to the conclusion that the mercy seat represents our good standing with God. It represents our close relationship with Him. We are sitting at the right hand of God, because Jesus is sitting there and we are one with Him. Therefore we have victory from the Throne room. Nothing can faze us there; nothing can come against us there.

We also had a look at the Ark and its contents and we concluded that God wants us to come to Him under the new Covenant, always and without restraint. His 'door' is always open to us. And with Him is all the provision we will ever need. We never need to worry, in His presence we will find all that we ever need, never lacking in any good thing.

So all in all the Most Holy Place represents the New Covenant, it represents our right standing with God because of the blood of Jesus. In the Most Holy Place we are safe. In His presence no evil can befall us. There is true life and life in abundance. We are at His right hand, who can come against us? If God is for us, who can be against us? God is so gracious and kind, so loving. We just need to stay by His side.

What is worrying you are the moment? Is it your finances? Is it the future of this beautiful land of ours? Is it the future of your children? It is a worrying symptom in your body? What is it?

Today I want you to know that God's got this. He really does. He has it in His hands. The only real problems come when we snatch it out of His hands and try and fix it ourselves. The real worries surface when we run out of the Most Holy Place and try and sort everything out with other humans in the outer court. That is when all the troubles start. Earthly problems cannot be solved with earthly solutions. They cannot. Earthly problems are only solved from the Most Holy Place, alongside God, using His solutions. Yes, some of His solutions might involve using earthly connections or earthly tools, but when it comes from His Throne room, it has spiritual power and authority, resulting in true answers. Only in Him is all answers found, true lasting solutions to our problems.

Sit back this week and write down everything that you are worried about and take it to His Throne room. Go and sit with Him and ask Him what His solutions are and really expect Him to answer you. He will. Then leave the cares and the worries of these problems with Him. Trust Him with it. Do not snatch it out of His hand. Then go out and do what He has placed on your heart, without the worries and cares associated with it. True liberty is found by doing just that. He is so loving, He WANTS to help you and care for you. He doesn't want you stressed out. Allow Him to; you won't be sorry that you did.

Dear Father, thank you so much for being there for us. Thank you for Your tender loving care. Father we are worried about so many things. But thank you so much that we can leave it with You. Thank you that You have the answers. Please speak clearly to us, we are listening. Amen


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