44. The way to true life

Today I want us to look at the summary of all three parts of the Temple, as well as the meaning of the entrance and then I want us to come to a conclusion when we understand all of it.

Firstly let's have a look at the outer court. The outer court as we saw last week symbolizes that God wants us to sacrifice all that we are. In fact we shouldn't be living anymore, but His Son should be living through us. We should wash ourselves clean from this world, and then put on the robe of righteousness given to us by Christ as a gift. The whole outer court wants us to realize that this world shouldn't be that important to us anymore. Christ is all that matters, His Kingdom and His glory. While in the outer court we should realize that all He wants us to do is to enter into the Temple, into His presence.

Secondly we saw that the entrance revealed that God is saying that we need to walk with Him in agreement in the New Covenant that He has established for us. Alone we are completely deficient, but together with Him we can walk in full dominion. He will look after us and will give us access into His Promised Land where there is prosperity and a wonderful life to be enjoyed.

Thirdly we come to the Holy Place. Here we learned that we are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We can fellowship with God, taking Jesus in as our bread of Life. We can be intimate with God and stand tall in the victory that He has bought for us. We can pray with boldness, with power and victory, knowing that we can enter into the Holy Place because of what Jesus did for us.

Fourthly we enter into the Most Holy Place. We saw that the Most Holy Place represents the New Covenant; it represents our right standing with God because of the blood of Jesus. In the Most Holy Place we are safe. In His presence no evil can befall us. There is true life and life in abundance.

Therefore we can conclude that the whole Temple is telling us the following. We should sacrifice all that we are and wash ourselves clean from this world. We should put on the robe of righteousness given freely to us by Christ and enter into the Temple. As we enter in we are reminded of the New Covenant entered into with us. On our own we cannot accomplish much, but with Him by our side we can walk in full dominion. Inside the Temple we are surrounded by the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can be intimate with God and experience Jesus as our bread of life. We can pray with boldness, with power and victory as we enter into the Most Holy Place. There we are safe, totally stripped of this world and completely surrounded by Him and all that He is. There is life and life more abundantly.

Jesus came to give us life in abundance, it is there for the taking, and we simply need to enter in, to push forward and take what is rightfully ours. He wants to bless us with so much; we simply need to reach out.

So make a conscious decision today to stop living in the outer court, and to move in deeper to claim the life that God wants to bless you with. The time to flirt with this worldly system has come to an end. The time to fly higher has come. God has infinitely more for you. Are you ready?

Father we glorify Your Name! We praise You on high! You are such an amazing God and King! Thank you for all the good plans that You have for us. We are sorry that the worldly system became so important to us; we rather want to live a life close to You! Thank you for showing us the way of life. We love You. Amen




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