45. True Success

Last week we finished with the series of the Temple. I hope you learned as much as I did. I am so humbled by all the symbolism that has been revealed to me by His Spirit. I am really grateful and I will never read the passages on the Temple in the same way again. It has really opened up many things to me and I see a lot of factors in my life in a totally different light now and it really encouraged me. And I sincerely hope that it has done the same for you too.

Today I want us to have just one last look at the Temple. We have learned that God wants us to let the world in the outer court go. He wants us to cleanse ourselves and to put on the robe of righteousness provided by Christ. Then He wants us to enter in with the New Covenant and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit on a whole new level, and He wants us to fellowship with Jesus as our bread of life. Then He wants our prayers rising up to Him, giving us entrance into the Most Holy Place, where true life resides, into His Throne room where He wants us to live and be.

Now as we've seen earlier in the series we are also the Temple now. We are the representation of the Temple to the world. We are the ones that need to tell people what the Temple is all about. We are the ones that need to explain to others the concept of drawing closer to God. This is such an amazing illustration of all that He has planned for us, of His whole dream for us all.

Are you ready to explain it to others? Are you ready to draw them closer to God? At the end of the day that is our life's purpose. We do not have any others. Our purpose is to draw close to Him and to help other people to do the same. The manner in which we will do this will differ, but our end goal is the same. A truly successful life is one who succeeded in his life's purpose. A successful life according to worldly standards can be a dismal failure in the Kingdom. And also the other way around. An unsuccessful life by worldly standards can be a resounding success in the Kingdom.

God wants us to be successful by His standards. And yes, that can also mean worldly success. But when we are truly focused on being successful by His standards, then worldly success will not mean nearly as much to us as it would have if our focus was only on our own achievements. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. In my life I knew what it was like to be successful and then the Lord took me on a journey to learn that true success is found only in Him and not in this world. It was very difficult for me as I was used to being successful. I rebelled against the path He was taking me on, I cried and I really tried everything in my power to still remain successful in the eyes of the world despite the journey He wanted me to walk on. It was only when He truly brought me to a standstill that He taught me the true value of success. It was only when I opened my eyes and allowed Him to show me that I was amazed. I was truly entering into the Most Holy Place. There is no way to see what is going on in the world when one is there, but it was okay. It was liberating. I marveled at the gems He was showing me, I felt at ease and full of life, I felt physically alive and well. I stopped trying to find a window to see what others were doing, as I was so consumed by what He was working in me. I was so grateful, I felt so rich, I felt so successful, I felt so privileged. And today I can honestly say: 'His will be done'. I know now the richness of His glory for me. I know now that I have an inheritance that surpasses all understanding. I am part of something so much bigger, so much more valuable than earthly acclaim. I am surrounded by a host of witnesses cheering me on. I am part of the royal family with no worries. I am one with the Maker of it all. What more can I ever want?

Leave this world behind and come and enter in. He is waiting with open arms for you. Come.

Father, we love You so much! Thank you for Your amazing plans for our lives. We want to stay close to You. We want to live inside the Most Holy Place, alongside You. There we are safe, loved and cared for. We glorify Your Name! Amen


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