1. Welcome to my blog

I am truly excited to share with you the wonderful things that God is going to reveal to us. I don't even know what is going to come of this blog or what I am exactly going to write to you, as each word is truly going to be led by the Holy Spirit. So to tell you the truth, I am just as excited as you are to find out what the Lord plans to tell us!

The Lord has truly pressed it on my heart to start with this website and follow His leading (For quite a while now I might add). I have delayed and delayed, with all sorts of excuses. You know how we are as humans, if something more than the ordinary and the 'required' is expected of us, we prefer to have an excuse or two as to why it isn't appropriate at the moment. Anything from 'I started work again and am extremely busy', to 'My baby is getting teeth and I didn't sleep well for the past few weeks', to 'Why would anyone listen to me anyway? Who am I?'  Yes the excuses came rolling in! And would you believe it if I tell you that even though the Lord was talking to me specifically, I was looking at what He was doing in other people's lives instead, rather than doing what He tells me to do.  I even had the nerve to be envious of people working for the Lord and using their websites to His glory. Whilst I didn't even make the effort to spend enough time with Him or even do what He tells me to do.

Until one day when He said to me: 'Enough is enough. Either you continue with your life as it is, or you start doing what I require of you.' Again my answer was 'But Lord why would anyone listen to me? Who am I that You would want to use me? I am not famous, I didn't get a gold medal at the Olympics, and I am not outrageously clever nor am I a beauty queen. I am a nobody in the eyes of the World.' And do you know what His answer was? He said: 'Ilze, I know exactly who you are, even better than you know yourself. I have known you even before I created the world. I see you with all the potential and gifts inside and I have a purpose for you. Stop looking at everyone else. Stop looking at what I am doing in their lives. That is actually none of your business. Look up to Me and listen to the plans I have for you and listen to what I want you to do. I have orchestrated the universe to work alongside you to bring a message to the world. All of nature is waiting in anticipation for you to start. Everything will work alongside you. All I need is your willingness to do as I ask. Leave the rest to Me.'

So here I am, starting with this website. Who can argue with the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth? Who can ignore His call on your life? Who even wants to try? Moses tried to get out of the call that the Lord had on His life. He used every excuse he could think of. But imagine if he didn't heed to the call of the Lord and turned his back on Him. I wonder how his life would have turned out. Where would he have ended up? The Lord would certainly have found someone else to lead His people, I have no doubt, but where would Moses have been? He would have missed the most wonderful, awesome experience of working alongside the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. He would have missed the most incredible encounters with God, where the Lord even called Moses 'His friend' and allowed Moses to talk to Him face to face. How awesome that must have been! And Moses would have missed it all if he didn't obey the calling of the Lord. I am going to talk about Moses and the lessons from his life a bit more in my following blogs.

But for now I simply want to leave you with one question to think about: Has it ever happened in your life that you know that you know that you know that you must have done something and you didn't? (I am obviously not talking about something irresponsible or against the Word of God) Have you ever thought what would have happened if you would have done it? Think about it, next time I will share a story from my life where I didn't do what the Lord wanted me to do. All I can tell you now is that after that incident, I learned a big lesson. The Lord wants to use you (yes, He wants to use everybody!), but if you refuse, you will still go to heaven (of course I assume here that you are a newborn Christian), you will still have an okay life, but you would have missed something extraordinary!

Lord, please help us to learn to listen carefully to Your Voice. Help us to block out all other noises which hinder us to hear Your tender Voice talking to us. And above all Lord, when we do hear Your Voice and when we do know what You expect of us, please give us the courage and the strength to obey.

We love you Lord. Amen

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