4. God knows how to talk to you

Shalom. Welcome back. The story of Moses is teaching us more than I anticipated. The more I look into it, the more I see hidden messages from God. I am quite excited. So let us continue and look further into the life of Moses. We ended last time where Moses was a shepherd in Midian, caring for the sheep of his father-in-law. Moses probably had no real future prospects for his life, and most probably accepted his life as it is. But then the Lord intervened.

One day Moses was caring for the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro, deep in the wilderness, close to Mount Sinai, the mountain of God, when he saw a roaring fire in a bush. This bush intrigued Moses as the bush did not burn up, it simply continued burning. It never burned up, because it was not a real fire, but it was the Lord attracting Moses' attention.

Now if we simply look at this passage we can learn two things. The first thing is that the Lord interestingly enough appeared to Moses close to Mount Sinai, where Moses in the near future would meet the Lord and present His ten commandments to plus minus two million people (a daunting prospect for anyone I might add). Now I am just thinking, I am sure Moses would never in his wildest dreams have ever thought that he would stand on Mount Sinai with the Lord and present His laws to His people (remember Moses had a problem with speaking, we will get to that later). Moses must have seen Mount Sinai on several occasions. I mean he has been caring for these flocks for 40 years. I am certain that he must have gone to Mount Sinai on other occasions.

What I am trying to get to is that sometimes we are seeing the same thing/person/place for several years and we never in our wildest dreams think that something good can happen with this person or at this place/thing. For example you have been trusting the Lord that your husband would give his life to Jesus and become a devout child of the Lord, but as the years passed by you begin to doubt that it ever will happen. Maybe you are feeling that you are in the wilderness looking up at the Mountain of the Lord (His Promises) and you have long lost hope that His Promises will realize. Or it could even be that you have seen a place, it could even be a promotion, for a number of years now and you have lost hope that something would ever come of it. Or you maybe have a dream and have seen others living it, but you think that your chance has passed to ever achieve it, for example you are too old or you don't have the right qualifications to achieve it.

Now I tell you today that the Lord is at Mount Sinai and He is telling you that He is ready to help you to realize your Mount Sinai. He tells you not to lose hope. It is in front of you. You simply need to take the first step. He wants you to trust Him and allow Him to work in your life. Spend time with Him and listen to what He has to say. It may be a soft whisper now, but the more time you spend with Him the louder the voice will get and you will know exactly what to do.

The second thing we can learn from this piece is that the Lord attracted Moses' attention to the bush. He didn't simply appear to him (even though He has done that several other times in the Bible), He knew Moses and He knew how to attract him. He knew Moses would find it interesting. Now isn't it the same for us? The Lord knows you better than you know yourself. Don't you think He will attract you through your interests/hobbies to guide you into what He actually wants you to do?

Now one example out of my life is that there was a new lady at work. She worked in the same Department as me, but I seldom saw her as she sat in a different row of offices and we never really came into contact. Now I am fond of jewellery and so I found out that she sold some costume jewellery. I liked some of the jewellery that she had and decided to support her and buy some of it for Christmas. When I went to fetch the jewellery we started talking and I found out that she organized events for young women and she volunteered to help me with my book launch, plus she really motivated me to listen to the Lord and follow my dream. It was such a wonderful experience. She has a lot of contacts and can organize a big event for me. Now if I didn't see the jewellery I would never have talked to her (except for an occasional 'hello' and 'goodbye') and I would never have had my book launch. The Lord knew how to attract my attention and force me to speak to her! And He wants you to know that He knows how to attract your attention too. All you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open. It might be today.

Thank you Lord for making time for us. We are so glad that You know what is best for us and how to attract our attention to Your Will. Help us believe in our dreams and help us to rejoice in You every day. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. We love You Lord. Amen


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