8.The difficult new path

Moses started to move and was obedient to the Lord and His calling. He returned to Egypt to start with his formidable task of freeing his people from the evil pharaoh. Now one might expect it to be smooth sailing from thereon. The Lord was by his side and he was obedient to his calling. Therefore he most probably expected that the people would listen to him and that Pharaoh would just let them go. Afterall, the Lord of the Universe was by his side and promised him that he would lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Now as you all know the story it wasn't smooth sailing. It was not easy at all. His brother Aaron came to help him, but even with his help it was difficult. In the first place it took some convincing in order to let the Israelite leaders accept Moses and accept that he was indeed sent from God. (I wonder sometime if some of them didn't grumble that the Lord didn't choose them. They were after all already the leaders of the people. Why didn't He choose one of them? But let's leave it at that for now.) Now after convincing the leaders, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh. That must have been nerve racking, I am sure. The last time Moses was at the palace they were trying to murder him. And now he was back there, asking for something that would definitely not please Pharaoh. He must have been very intimidated by the splendor of the palace and Pharaoh and his army. Moses most probably still had his shepherd clothes on and must have looked like a beggar compared to the luxury and fine linen of Pharaoh and his family. He must have truly felt out of place. Plus he could have been killed in an instant if Pharaoh wanted to. He could have clicked his fingers and Moses and Aaron would have been history.

But still they continued and presented their case to Pharaoh. They were then ridiculed and treated with no respect. He even asked Moses: "Who do you think you are? Get back to work!" Now that is very interesting to me, because that was exactly what Moses asked the Lord when He called him. As you remember Moses told the Lord that he was a nobody and he couldn't do this task. He wasn't an influential or even religious leader, he was truly a nobody from the wilderness. Who was he really?

Just pause for a second and imagine yourself in Moses' shoes. Here you are in the danger area of the enemy, looking much less intimidating than your opponent, and even worse than that, you don't really believe in yourself. You are only there to please the Lord. It must have been truly hair raising. I wonder how quickly some of us would have turned our back on the mission and headed back home right there and then?

Now isn't that exactly how the devil works? He tried to discourage Moses again. Moses finally listened to the Lord and did what He required of him and the devil hated it! So when Moses started with his task he was immediately confronted with his weakness, his bad self image again. The devil knew that Moses battled to believe in himself and felt inferior and knew he could use it against him. He used Pharaoh to make Moses feel like a nobody all over again. He tried to break his resolve.

What I am really trying to say is, don't be surprised when you start out with your God given task, that you will be confronted with your weaknesses again. Don't be surprised when people don't believe in you and even mock you. Don't be surprised when they try to discourage you and tell you that what you are trying to do is not going to work. Don't be surprised if you receive resistance where you want to go. All you need to do is look up to the Lord, and not at your weaknesses. Don't listen to fragile human opinions. I almost want to say, keep your eyes closed and push forward. Just keep on moving, step by step you will get there. Do what you can do and leave the rest to God. Don't look at the end goal, just concentrate on what the Lord expects of you now. Like Moses, he had to go to Pharaoh and present their case. That was it for now. The Lord didn't require of him to look at the end goal of rescuing the Israelites. No, the Lord only wanted him to be obedient and go to Pharaoh. Step by step the Lord will lead you there. The Lord will bring the victory, simply trust in Him.

Lord Jesus, we trust that You will bring the victory in our lives. Please give us the strength to move forward, give us the wisdom to know when to listen to advice and when to discard comments given. Thank you Lord. Amen









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