9. The difficult new path continues

Welcome back. We are going to continue with our discussion of the previous devotion. As we discussed, don't be surprised when you encounter difficulties when you start out with your new God given task. We can learn so much from Moses when he started out to rescue the Israelites. The new God-given path that Moses embarked upon was not so easy. In fact it was very difficult. Not only did Pharaoh ridicule and mock Moses and basically threw them out of his court, he even went so far as to punish the Israelites by increasing their workload. He ordered that the Israelites should get the straw that they use to make the bricks themselves, instead of getting it from the Egyptians as they were used to. This caused the Israelites to scramble for straw and still try to make the same quota of bricks each day. Naturally they couldn't do it and then the slave drivers became brutal and treated them with utter contempt. The Israelite foreman immediately rushed to Pharaoh to complain, but he simply brushed them off and ordered them back to work. They knew it was because of Moses that they were given a bigger load to bear and therefore the natural thing to do now was to complain to Moses.  They were very upset with him and even asked the Lord to judge him for what he has done to them. And what did Moses do? He in turn complained to the Lord. He wanted to give up. "Why did you send me?" he asked.

The Lord graciously answered that He would display His power and His might and that He would make the Israelites His own special people. He didn't give up on Moses and even told him to go back to the Israelites and tell them that. And it is wonderful for me to see that Moses did just that. Even though he was discouraged, even though he was down and out, he listened and went back to his people. And as we might expect they didn't listen to him. They were too discouraged by the physical abuse they were suffering. And again what did Moses do? He complained to the Lord again. He even started with his old excuses again that he was not a good orator. He was truly disheartened and wanted to give up. Everything was against him. He was a nobody, with no money, no nice clothes, no friends, Pharaoh was treating him like a worthless slave and to top it all off his very own people hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. What a hopeless situation.

What we therefore can see is that things got much worse when Moses started. Not only did Pharaoh and all the Egyptians hate him, his very one people were turning against him as well. They were even begging him to leave. I am sure this was not what he expected. I mean he didn't know at that stage that there was going to be 10 plagues and that he will successfully lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He didn't know that he was going to be a hero. All he could see from where he was at that moment was that Pharaoh was not relenting (and he didn't know if he ever will), and his own people hated him. His whole mission looked hopeless. What a devastating situation. He therefore turned to God again and complained to Him, wondering why he ever left his home to follow the Lord. Why did he ever listen?

Now this may also happen to you. You might be on a spiritual high after accepting the Lord's calling on your life. You might be very excited to start (and you should be), but don't be surprised when everything is not going smoothly at the beginning. Don't be surprised when things take a turn for the worse. It can easily happen. But whatever you do, don't run back to where you came from. If the Lord has called you, don't despair and look at things from a human perspective. Don't look at the 'giants' all around you. Trust in His guidance, if He has called you, He will let things run its course until the timing is right to fulfill your purpose. Just don't give up. You can talk to the Lord as Moses did, you can even complain to Him, but whatever you do, don't give up. Look up, but don't give up!

I cannot even begin to tell you about everything that went wrong since I received the calling from the Lord to write this devotion as well as my books (maybe I will write about it someday). Numerous things went wrong, one after the other! I even kept track of it in a diary. And naturally I started doubting that I heard the Lord correctly. I started doubting in His calling for me. I became very discouraged and wanted to give up. I complained to the Lord and I asked Him to take all this hindrances away from me. But you know what, even though the circumstances were bleak and unpromising, the Lord didn't take the hindrances away, but He gave me the strength to continue. Whenever I despaired He gave me rest and before I knew it I was busy again with what He wanted me to do. I couldn't help it. Before I knew what I was doing I was writing again. And step by step I grew closer to what His calling for me is. I haven't nearly reached it yet, but step by step I look up to Him and know that my victory will come. Hindrances will always be there, but the Lord also. He will help me past them all, to go where I need to be.

Lord Jesus, please help us not to give up. Help us to look up to You and trust You with our lives. Only You would be able to guide us. Amen


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