10. Moses kept on going

We ended off last time where Moses was down and out. I think that must have been the lowest point in his life. He left his comfort zone in the wilderness in order to follow the ways of the Lord. But since accepting and acting on the call on his life, he has been ridiculed and scorned by Pharaoh, he has caused his own people to be worse off than before, which in turn caused them to not even listen to him. In fact they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. The only companion he had was his brother. He must have felt like an absolute failure. Two thirds of his life was over and he was still a nobody. He was probably experiencing the worst mid life crisis imaginable.

But you all know the story. Even though Moses complained, even though Moses felt down, even though Moses was basically alone, he continued with what the Lord said. He complained and he moaned, but every time the Lord sent him back to Pharaoh, he went.

The first time he went, he was discouraged because Pharaoh treated him very badly. The second time he went, the magicians of Pharaoh could also do the miracle he was doing. They also turned their staffs into snakes. The third time, the magicians could also turn water into blood. The fourth time they could also let frogs appear, it was only the fifth time that Moses went to Pharaoh, that they couldn't imitate the miracles he performed on behalf of the Lord.

Now again, that must have been a bit discouraging. Here the evil magicians of Pharaoh could also do what he was doing. He must have felt good that the Lord was using him in this mighty way, but it must have been a bit disheartening to see others doing exactly the same thing. Now it might be the same for you as well once you start with your task. You might look around you and see a lot of people doing exactly the same thing that you are doing. In this case it was ungodly magicians, but in your case it might be godly people. For instance, let's say that you want to serve the Lord by writing a Christian book. Now you look around you and see hundreds, no I lie thousands if not millions of other writers doing the same thing. Or you might feel the Lord leads you to start a charity organization and then you look around you and see numerous others doing exactly the same thing. Or you might have the calling to be at home with your children and you immediately feel inferior to the other mothers doing the job so much better than you. You might even feel that you are not good enough and that it might be better that the kinder garden teacher rather raise your children as she might do it so much better than you. Or you might feel the Lord leads you to use your singing talent for example and you instantly look around you and see all the wonderful, great singers the Lord are using already. And we can start to feel discouraged and feel that we are not special in what we are planning to do and give up even before starting.

I feel like that as well. I write Christian books and want to do Christian motivational speaking. But everywhere I look, I simply see successful people doing exactly that. They all look to me much better than I can ever dream to be, they look so blessed and their ministries are all growing at a rapid speed. I even wonder if there would be anyone left to buy my books and come and listen to me! And do you know what verse the Lord pressed on my heart?

Matthew 9:37 'Jesus said to His disciples: "The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few."

And I knew, if the Lord gives you something to do, do it, even if a million others are doing the exact same thing. He has called you to do it and if He calls you and you obey, there is a place for you, even if you think there is enough 'workers' already. A whole harvest is waiting for you!

Simply do what Moses did. Just keep on doing what the Lord asks of you. Moses went back and back and back to Pharaoh. He didn't know when it would end and when (if ever) Pharaoh would finally relent and let them go, but he kept on doing what was required of him. And by the ninth plague he was considered a very great man and respected by Pharaoh's officials and Egyptians. What an amazing turn of events, he went from an insignificant despised shepherd to probably the most respected man in Egypt in a very short time, simply because he listened and moved at the mighty voice of the Lord. Are you ready to move?

Lord, help us not to look at what You are doing with other people, but rather to focus on what You want us to do with our lives. Help us to continue in Your Wisdom and with Your plan for our lives. Amen

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