14. God uses ordinary people (2)

The theme so far has been that the Lord uses anyone He pleases, even ordinary people. If He has a will for your life, He will let it come to pass. Your job is only to listen and to obey. As I looked into this topic in the Bible it was interesting to note that some of the people God used had a bad self image themselves and some of the people God used had an okay image of themselves to start off with, but other people didn't think very highly of them.  Examples of people with a bad self image was Moses, Gideon and Saul and examples of people of whom society didn't think much was David, Mary, Peter etc. I decided to use a couple of examples of this.

The first king of Israel was Saul. He was very handsome and stood head and shoulders above everyone else, the perfect icon of a king. He was the son of Kish, a rich influential man from the tribe of Benjamin. After reading these two sentences you would think that he would have a good self image and that he would readily accept the role of king. I mean, he was handsome, big and rich. What more could he ask for? But it was so interesting to note what he thought of himself. This is what he said after Samuel, the prophet, told him that he was the focus of all Israel's hopes:

1 Samuel 9:21 "But I'm only from Benjamin, the smallest tribe in Israel, and my family is the least important of all the families of that tribe! Why are you talking like this to me?"

Saul therefore definitely did not have a good self image. Even though he was very handsome and rich, he didn't see himself that way.

This could be true for us as well. Others might see the potential in us that we don't see. They might see what we can become. We should sometimes listen when we receive praise from others. We should never become proud (by the way that was exactly what Saul later became and it was his downfall), but a good self image is promoted throughout the Bible. After all, Jesus said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If you receive a compliment or even better, a prophecy spoken over your life, accept it graciously and don't look down on yourself like Saul did. Accept who you are and believe that you are wonderfully and lovingly made for God's purpose for your life.

Now let's continue with the story. Saul was then privately anointed by Samuel to be king over Israel. And as Saul left to go home, the Spirit of the Lord came over him and he started prophesying. He was definitely on a spiritual high and experienced the power and might of the Lord firsthand. But just a while later, Samuel gathered the whole of Israel together to anoint their new king. They cast lots between the twelve tribes and Benjamin was chosen. They cast lots again and the family of Matrites was chosen and finally Saul was chosen as the new king. And what did Saul do? What was his first reaction? He went to hide between the baggage. If it wasn't such a serious matter it would have been very funny. Here is their future leader, their military hope against their eminent enemies and he was hiding away between the baggage. He was scared to the bone. He had known this day was coming and he was even on a spiritual high for a while, but when the moment of truth arrived, he couldn't live up to the challenge. He didn't believe in himself.

The same thing could happen to us. After accepting our task from the Lord we could be fired up and ready to take the challenge head on and we could even be experiencing a spiritual high. But when push comes to shove, we could also be very scared. Scared to step up to the challenge. Scared to start. Maybe we are scared that other people might laugh at us (by the way a couple of people did scorn at Saul and didn't think he was quality material to be king), maybe we don't know how to proceed further, maybe we are scared to even try because it could be a failure. Who knows? But you certainly need to step up and try. When you know what the Lord requires of you, start preparing yourself for the day that He wants you to start. It might be sooner than you think.

Lord, please give us the courage to stand up and start when You called us to a task. Please give us the strength to boldly do what You require of us. We want to make You proud. Amen


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    Posted Wednesday, 23 June 2010 at 11:01:47 AM

    It is always fascinating to note how the Lord used very ordinary people to assist him in fulfilling His purpose with mankind - especially people not ranked highly by man.This is to send a message that we are all precious to Him and that He will empower us to do whatever He chooses us to do to fulfill His destiny for us on earth. For this we need to be humble and obedient to His indwelling Presence in our lives. Looking at the many poeple used by

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