21. The significance of your task (2)

Welcome back. The previous time we discussed the significance of your task. In the eyes of the world your presence here on earth might seem insignificant, but don't believe that lie. Every action of yours has an impact, and it could have a wonderful impact on someone if you act according to the Word of God. As I said there were a number of 'unsung' heroes in the Bible that did their part. They never became famous, but I can promise you that the Lord was very pleased with them. I am going to discuss a number of these examples now.

One such example is Jason. I have read Acts a couple of times and this morning was the first time I actually read Jason's name (you know how we sometimes read over 'unimportant' names). I paused for a second and contemplated what he did. He was a believer in Thessalonica, who started to believe in Christ after Paul and Silas preached to them. He opened his home to them and hosted them there. In this way he helped them in being able to perform their task of preaching God's Word in Thessalonica. And when the Jewish leaders became jealous of Paul and Silas's success in Thessalonica and also the fact that they can perform miracles and heal the sick, they incited a mob against them and started a riot. They attacked the home of Jason and dragged him and other believers in front of the city council. After a hearing they were released on bail. Now think about what happened here. Jason tried to help Paul and Silas and make their mission more bearable and more comfortable for them. And here his home was attacked and he must have feared for his life. He must have gone through a terrible time even after Paul and Silas left, as his fellow countrymen were angry at him for hosting these two. But the Lord knew what he did. He faithfully played his part in helping to spread the gospel. He was faithful with the little God has entrusted him with and the Lord will award him for it. He was not the famous Paul who spread the gospel over the known world of that day, but he helped Paul to be able to continue with his important task.

The same goes for Luke. Now Luke is famous today as he wrote one of the gospels that we have in our Bible today, as well as Acts. But when he lived he wasn't as famous as Paul, Peter, James etc. He was a doctor, who was inquisitive and wanted to search for the truth. His inquisitive nature resulted in him gathering evidence of the life of Jesus and allowed him to write a detailed story of Jesus. But besides writing, he was sometimes a companion of Paul on his missionary journeys. If you read Acts you will not read a lot about him. You will read more about Paul, Peter, Barnabas etc. Luke therefore stayed out of the limelight. He most probably assisted Paul on a physical level as Paul was quite often abused on his journeys. And Luke, being a doctor, could look after him and help him. Now we don't read a lot about Luke medically helping Paul, but I am sure that he did. And sometimes I wonder if Paul would have been able to do everything he did if the Lord didn't equip Luke to help him. What would have happened if the Lord didn't put Luke on his path to care for him? I think if we look at the life of Luke today, I think he was a great man. You never read anything bad about him, in fact only good things. But Luke could have looked at himself and felt that he was not the one that was doing the 'important' work like Paul. He could have become dismayed and decided to rather practice his medicine somewhere where he was important and looked up to, somewhere where he can make money working as a doctor. But he didn't and that has made all the difference. Today he is a hero.

If I look at my own life, I also have someone that helps me to be able to do my writing and motivational work. It is our domestic worker and Nanny, Jenette. If it wasn't for her help looking after my youngest in the mornings and with her help cleaning the house, I would never have the time to be able to write or to spend time with the Lord and convey His message to you. I would truly battle to do what the Lord has called me to do. And therefore I truly believe she is doing what the Lord requires of her. Now in the eyes of the world she is not doing anything important, but to me she is vital and I know that the Lord looks favorably at her.

And so it might be for you as well. Maybe your goal in life is to encourage people wherever you meet them every day, whether it is in the grocery store or next to the sports field. Maybe your goal and task in life is to plant the seed in another person's life. Maybe your task in life is to support missionaries financially. Maybe the Lord wants you to pour the tea at church every Sunday and give a smile and an encouraging hug to anyone who might need it. Maybe you are called to be an intercessor in prayer for those standing in ministry. It is such an important task, but not necessarily one in the limelight. Maybe you are technically inclined and the Lord wants to use you to help with the electronic equipment at the church service. Now it might seem insignificant, but it is such an important task, otherwise the whole atmosphere of the service might not be the same. Maybe you are called to be a full time mother and to bring up your children in a godlike manner. Whatever it may be, you are important. You are doing what God requires of you and if you do it with joy and if you do it to the best of your ability, you will be rewarded for it. In this life you will be rewarded with the Lord's joy and peace that transcends all understanding because you are doing what is suitable to your personality and you are doing what the Lord wants you to do. But you will also be rewarded in the life to come. The Lord will exalt you in Heaven and be happy that you lived out your task here on earth.

Lord, please help us and shield us from the feelings of unworthiness. Help us to realize our full potential. We love You and want to serve You. Amen


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