25. Your Purpose

I have been talking about your purpose and your path in this life. I have tried to motivate you to listen to the Voice and the calling of the Lord. I have tried to warn you of potential potholes that we can all fall into along the way. But what I haven't done, and that is probably the most important question of all, is to tell you how you can know what your specific purpose is. Now that is the million dollar question, isn't it? What is it exactly that God wants me to do? How can I know it is Him calling and not my own desires pulling me in one direction? I truly want to listen to His Voice, but He doesn't necessarily physically talk to us as He did in Moses' days, so how can I know for sure? I think that these are the type of questions that are haunting each of us at some or other stage in our life.

Another thing I would like to clarify is that yes you can have an overall purpose, but you can also have smaller tasks to complete along the way. Small things that the Lord might require you to do. It can all add up to your ultimate purpose, or it might be ad hoc things along the way. So please also keep that in mind as we go further.

Now before we go on I would like to make something clear. As I have said before, I do believe we all have a purpose to fulfill. BUT what I would like to emphasize is that you will not necessarily achieve that purpose.  It is not a goal to be achieved, but a life to live. We are all growing up in an intense goal orientated, success orientated, materialistic world. Since our birth we have been pushed in some or other way to perform. It might not be our own parents or family, but the whole society. I have noticed with my own two sons that it is very interesting how society as a whole looks at them. The questions I frequently hear are:

'Has he started walking yet?',

'Has he started talking yet?',

'Can he count to 10 yet?'

And then of course after my answer the person would relate some or other story of a child walking at 7 months, or some child talking fluently at 1 year, or something like that. Competition, competition, from the day we are born. Now what I am actually getting at is that we are constantly driven, from one goal to another. As soon as we can crawl, people expects us to walk and as soon as we walk, people expects us to run and as soon as we run, people expects us to be the fastest and so it goes on and on. From the one goal to the next to the next. I truly believe that is one of the reasons people battle when they retire, they feel that there are no more goals to attain, no more prestige and honor. But that is another story, what I actually want to say is that your life's purpose is not like that. It is not a goal to attain, it is not something to achieve. No, it is a lifestyle.

For example let's say you feel that your life's purpose is to become a doctor. Well the day that you finish your qualification, you are certainly not finished. Your purpose has not been attained, no, it has only started. You will continue to help people until the day that you retire and then after retirement you will most probably continue on a personal basis assisting people in need as you come across them on your daily path. You will never cease to be a doctor.

Now, your purpose can be something concrete like in my example of being a doctor, but your purpose can also be something that will also never end, like for example your purpose is to motivate people, or your purpose is to pray for other people and be an intercessor, or your purpose is to serve other people, the list goes on and on. There will never be an end to what your purpose is. In essence you are your purpose. Your purpose will only be finished the day that you die, the wonderful day when you go to be with our loving God.  

Lord Jesus, please help us to follow Your dream for us. Please help us not to look at the world, but only up to You, our wonderful Savior. We love You. Amen

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