26. Your Purpose (2)

I discussed last time that our purpose is something that will continue for your whole lifetime. It is something that will never end, it is something that will become you and will best suit your personality. The Lord knows what is best for you. It could be the job that you do or want to do or your purpose could also not necessarily be the work that you do. If your purpose is to serve others, then do it there at your working place, if your purpose is to motivate others, start there with your colleagues and brighten their day if you see that they need it. In other words I am not saying you must quit your day job to follow your purpose. Maybe if the Lord requires that of you, then yes do it, but the Lord also requires of us to be responsible. If we have a family and we need to take care of them and our day job is the only job that provides the financial means to continue forward, then try to live out your purpose right where you are. And when the Holy Spirit calls you that the time and the financial means are right, then move out and go wherever He leads you. But never ever move out in the flesh!

For example let's say you discover that the Lord wants you to be lawyer and currently you are a debtor's clerk in a big financial organization, don't immediately quit and start studying, without thinking of the consequences. If you have financial responsibility then stay in your job and apply for bursaries to study, or apply for a clerk position in a lawyer firm or pray that the Lord would give you the energy to study towards being a lawyer, whilst still working in the job where you are at.  If the Lord wants you to do something, He will provide the means to do it. All you need to do is to be pro active. Do some homework about being a lawyer, go see lawyers, talk to them, obtain information and apply for bursaries and jobs wherever you can and then leave the rest to God. Just remember to do your part. Don't sit and wallow in your current job until you retire, still waiting for the Lord to magically help you become a lawyer. No, you must act pro actively and the Lord will then do what we cannot.

I told my husband the other day, I know there are probably millions of people writing books and writing devotions as I am. My website is one of millions of others. So I can quickly become discouraged and think: What is the use? Why even bother? There are millions of others doing the same thing, why should I continue? BUT if I didn't write this website and if I didn't write my books, then the Lord would have nothing to work with. Isn't that so? It is like desperately wanting a specific job and praying and trusting the Lord for it, but then you don't apply for the job. What is the chance that you will get the job? Zero. The Lord is not a magic wand we can swing whenever we want something and then He magically gives us the job we desperately want. No. We need to give the Lord something to work with. (Again I want to emphasize this, the Lord can obviously do anything, He is Almighty, but He does not want to be a magician. We are His hands and feet on earth.) So what chance do I have of succeeding as a motivational writer/speaker? One in probably hundred million, but still I have a chance, even if it is just one. If I didn't do what I do, my chance would be zero in hundred million and the Lord would have zero to work with. So my message? Do your part and leave the rest to God.

Another thing I would like to make clear is that despite your main purpose, you also have decisions that need to be made on a daily/weekly/ad hoc basis. These decisions can influence your overall purpose or it can't. For example you know the Lord has called you to be an engineer, but you doubt your ability and you therefore decide to rather go and study economics. That will obviously influence your overall purpose. But let's say you know your purpose is to motivate people and now you are led by the Lord to go and live in England for example. That will not influence your purpose, because you can also motivate people there. Now what I actually want to say is that, despite knowing what our purpose in life is, we need to make decisions frequently and we therefore need to know how to ask God for guidance on these issues as well. We will get to that a bit later on. For now, just know that you are extremely special and you have a unique purpose to fulfill on this earth, here, today. Believe it and hold on to it. Without you, the world has lost something valuable. But with your input, the universe will rejoice, because if all of us do what we are supposed to be doing, the world would be a much better place. The Lord will guide us, He is extremely faithful!

Thank you Jesus that we have a purpose here on earth. Thank you that we can look up to You and trust that You would provide insight to us as to our specific purpose. Amen


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    Posted Tuesday, 14 September 2010 at 5:23:27 PM

    Once again, your message is so true. Don't sit back and relax. Trust that what you are busy with at the moment all adds to your experience in what the Lord wants to use you for in the future. See it as going to school to prepare you for your ultimate contract. Just keep on doing it and trust Him!

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