4. Keep God at the centre of your life

Abram obeyed God immediately. God asked Abram to move to Canaan and he did so without hesitating and finally he arrived in Canaan.

'Travelling through Canaan, they came to a place near Shechem and set up camp beside the oak at Moreh. At that time, the area was inhabited by Canaanites. Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, "I am going to give this land to your offspring." And Abram built an altar there to commemorate the Lord's visit." Genesis 12:6, 7

The Lord confirmed His promise to Abram once he arrived in the land promised to him. God was faithful, He knew that Abram gave up a lot to come to this foreign land and might even be tired after the journey. Plus once Abram arrived there, the land was full of Canaanites, without any foreseeable chance of Abram's descendants occupying the land. But God calmed his heart and gave him the reassurance he needed once again. God not only reassured him, but He appeared to him, what a wonderful sight that must have been! And what did Abram do? He built an altar to the Lord to honour His visit. This altar stood as a reminder to Abram of God's promise to him.

"After that, Abram travelled southward and set up camp in the hill country between Bethel on the west and Ai on the east. There he built an altar and worshipped the Lord there." Genesis 12:8

Right after building an altar to God, Abram travelled further and built another altar to the Lord. Abram didn't have a church he could go to where he could fellowship, he didn't have gospel music to lift him up, he didn't have a Bible to read and he didn't have a pastor to shepherd him. But he did what he could do. He built altars as a sign of his dedication to God and he worshipped the Lord there. He knew that God had to be the centre of his life, because without Him he was a nobody. He and his household were alone in a foreign country, intruders in the sight of the Canaanites, a soft target. But with God by his side, he was invincible.

Today we need to regularly focus on God and His promises for us. We need to spend time at the 'altar' and worship God. God is faithful and will give us the reassurance we need through His Spirit and then we need to learn from Abram. We need to follow God and work on our spiritual life. God needs to be the centre of our lives. We are nomads too in a way. We were born in this sinful world, but when we were born again, we received a new home in heaven. So even though we live here, our future is in the Kingdom of God, our true destination. Let us rather focus on our true lives and rededicate ourselves to building the Kingdom of God, than to worry about what goes on down here.

Father, thank you so much for all Your promises. Thank you that You are so faithful. Thank you that we are mere nomads on this earth and that our true future awaits us. You are the centre of our lives, please come and take Your rightful place. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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