17. Be different

Last week we had a look at the seventh and last Temple mentioned in the Bible, us. We are God's Temple now. And therefore we should be proud to be God's Temple. And I am not meaning being sinfully proud, but that we need to be proud that we have been chosen to be His Temple now. We need to treat our bodies with the utmost respect and we should walk around presenting God's Shekinah glory to the world. We are His representatives on earth now and we need to display His glory and love for all to see. You also need to have the joy of the Lord within you because God is with you, every single moment of every day. Realize that everywhere you go, you are the Temple and therefore you shouldn't be seen participating in sinful practices as this is detrimental to the Temple that you are. The world looks with skeptical eyes at you if you proclaim to be a Christian. And therefore when you participate in the drinking party, if you are the first to gossip, if you speak negatively just like all the others, if you cheat on your taxes, they see it and are pushed away from God. Because you are no different than them. The world needs people who are real, people who will stand up for what is right, people that will stand firm in what they believe in no matter the circumstances surrounding them. If Christians can do that, they will lure people to God and fulfill their life's purpose in the process. And when you fulfill your life's purpose, you will feel God's peace; joy and grace descend upon you like a mighty waterfall. What more could you want from life?

Just interestingly I would like to end of this first section of our Temple series by showing you the last time that a Temple is mentioned in the Bible. It is in Revelation. John is taken and showed a vision of the unfolding of future events. And at the end of the vision he is shown the new, holy Jerusalem. The earth is destroyed and a new city descends from heaven where we all will live with the Lord forever and ever. And here he noticed something interesting:

"But I saw no Temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its Temple. The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of the Lord illuminated it. The Lamb is its light." Revelation 21:22, 23

In the New Jerusalem, our ultimate home, there will be no more Temples. God will be the Temple; He will be our light, our everything. We won't be the Temple anymore. Why? Because there will be no more people to lead to the Lord. All who ever believed in Him will already live in the New Jerusalem. Our roles won't be to lead people to God anymore. We will be assigned new roles, specifically tailored for us. I am really looking forward to that. Eternity with our Maker, our Lord and Savior! With peace, love and joy our constant companions, doing what we love doing, doing what we were created to do!

But for now, let us shine and be the Temple of God to the lost, luring them closer to their destiny. God loves all people, and if He is our Father, we will love who He loves. And we will do our utmost best to lure them knowing that He will help us every step of the way.

Father we look forward to eternity with You. We look forward to the specific role that You want us to play there. But thank you for the current roles that we know we need to play as Your Temple right where we are. Please give us the courage to stand up when we must, to speak up when we should and to stay quiet when the time calls for it. We love You and worship You as our everlasting Father! Amen


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  1. Gravatar of Este Van WykEste Van Wyk
    Posted Thursday, 25 October 2018 at 5:02:19 AM

    Baie dankie vir die beautiful inspirerende stuk. Mag Jesus jou en gesin so bless.

  2. Gravatar of Audrey  Legodi Audrey Legodi
    Posted Friday, 26 October 2018 at 5:39:57 AM

    Thank u for this revelation

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