18. Experience God on a deeper level

Today I want to start with the second section of our series on the Temple of God. As we have seen we are the Temple of God now. And in order for us to understand the deeper meaning of what it entails to be His Temple I would like us to have a deeper look at the symbolic meaning of the Temple that Solomon built. For the next couple of weeks I want us to delve deeper into the symbolism engrossed in the whole set up of the Temple. I hope you are as excited as I am, as there are many things we can learn from that.

So let us start today by looking at the whole layout of the Temple. The Temple was laid out in three different sections if we can call it that. The first area was the outer court. In that area was the altar used for the burning of sacrifices. There was also the bronze sea that the priests used to wash in. And on the sides of the Temple were ten water carts and basins for washing the sacrifices. We will have a look at the symbolism of each of these items. But for now, know that anyone could be in this section of the Temple. All priests could work there and the people could also come there to offer their sacrifices.

Then we have the Holy Place where the priests served God. Inside the Holy Place was the golden table of showbread with twelve breads there, one representing each tribe. Then there were five golden lampstand (menorahs) on the north side and five on the south side. There was also the golden altar of incense. Now here in the Holy Place only a limited number of priests could enter and only after casting lots as to whose turn it is. It was truly a holy place and couldn't be defiled by anyone. It was a privilege to enter into the Holy Place and serve the Lord there.

Then we come to the Most Holy Place. Inside was the ark of the Lord and standing guard over the ark were golden cherubim, their wings extending from wall to wall of the Most Holy Place. Here only the High Priest could enter and only once a year on the Day of Atonement, when he took the blood of the sacrificed animal and laid it on the mercy seat to atone for the sins of the people.

I truly believe that all symbolism in the Bible is there for us to learn from. So what we can learn from these three sections are the following:

Today we can also operate in the spiritual realm in one of these three sections. The choice is ours. We can stay with most Christians in the outer court. We need to sacrifice some of our time, our efforts, our behavior etc., but not a lot is expected of us. We can actually pretty much continue with our lives as is. Not many will raise an eyebrow at our behavior. And if we do step over the line a bit, we can pray and accept God's forgiveness for us. It is a convenient way of being a Christian, and that is why soooo many Christians are stuck here. Unfortunately here God cannot trust you with more and He cannot reveal more of Himself to you. It is only when you dig deeper that you will find Him.

So in the Holy Place God's presence is tangible. You are enveloped with His Holy Spirit (signified by the menorahs) and your prayers go up as incense unto the Lord. Your behavior starts to change and things that never bothered you before starts to bother you now. You don't want to continue as you were before. You start to ask questions about the Bible and you want to know God more. And as you seek God with all of your heart and all of your soul, you will enter into the Most Holy Place.

In the Most Holy Place God is everywhere. He consumes you; He takes you higher than you ever dreamed of. You don't really pray anymore as you are one with Him, you have a relationship far extended above this world. He leads you unto new heights and a deeper understanding of who He truly is. You start seeing miracles and you walk hand in hand with Him. He breathes His life into you and the abundance of the life He promised you start to manifest. You walk on clouds no matter what happens outside of the Temple. You are not stressed anymore; you are content and deeply loved. The noise of this world fades away and all that you hear is His Voice gently whispering your name. You are cherished and ready for where He wants to send you.

May we all strive for more. May we never be content just to be in the outer court. May we all hunger for a deeper revelation of Him. He has given us everything. With Jesus' death the curtain in front of the Most Holy Place was torn to give us all access. We simply need to go in. He is patiently waiting for us to come. Turn away from the lure of this world, and seek His Kingdom above all else. Then and only then can true contentment come!

Father thank you so much that You opened up the way for us. Thank you that we CAN come into the Most Holy Place at any time. Father, we are sorry that You have to wait for us as we run around satisfying a world that will be gone tomorrow. We rejoice in Your patience and that You are always there waiting for us! Hallelujah! Amen

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    Posted Wednesday, 31 October 2018 at 5:08:57 PM

    I am soo excited to continue on this journey with you and with God! May He reveal more and more of Himself to us....

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