11. Build your Temple on the right foundation

Last week we finished discussing the second Temple and we concluded that the second Temple was merely used for religious activities. The religious leaders followed the Torah to the tee, but their hearts were far away from God. They didn't follow all the rules to draw closer to Him. They rather followed it to receive acclaim from people and to get rich.

They used this Temple until +- 20 BC. Then Herod started to rebuild it into something magnificent, much larger than the other two with open paved areas known as different courts. The Temple was totally transformed and that is why I call it the Third Temple.

Herod was interested in perpetuating his name for all eternity through construction projects and by rebuilding the Temple he hoped to find favor with the Jews. During this project the daily sacrifices and rituals could continue as per normal. The reconstruction took 46 years according to the Jewish leaders to complete (John 2:20).

This Temple was finished in 26AD, but destroyed in 70 AD by Titus. Interestingly to note, God is nowhere to be mentioned in the reconstruction of the Temple. No special mention is made of how God helped them. This Temple was rebuilt by the might of men and to the glory of men. Herod wanted to show how great he was not how great God was. He rebuilt the Temple in order to exalt himself. He wanted all the praise.

There is therefore no mention of God's Shekinah glory occupying the Temple. God didn't approve of this Temple. It wasn't what He wanted. He wanted the hearts of the people. He didn't want them to become proud and praise and worship the Temple more than they praised Him.

Today we must also make sure that we are not building a 'third' Temple in our lives that God doesn't approve of. Many times we want to do something, and without realizing it, it might be to exalt ourselves, it might be to further our career, it might be to 'help' our children excel at school. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you are building on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ! Make sure that you are building your 'house' on the Rock, Jesus Christ. And not on sand that won't stand the test of time.

The Temple was destroyed in 70 AD never to be rebuilt again. Why? Because God wasn't honored there. Make sure that whatever you are busy with honors God. Make sure that He is the One receiving the glory. Make His Kingdom your primary concern, and then all other things will be added unto you.

Jesus said He can rebuild this spectacular new Temple in 3 days. He was actually saying that the era of a physical Temple was coming to an end (John 2:19). Without running too far ahead, just know that we are living in the 'no Temple' era. As we are the Temple of God now. We are the ones in which the Shekinah glory of God resides. But I will come to that in the next couple of weeks. For now, just make sure that your Temple exalts God, that your Temple brings you closer to Him. That is all He wants, a relationship. Christ died so that we can have one. Praise His Name!! May we all rejoice in the wonder of His amazing grace.

Father thank you for Your amazing grace. Thank you for looking out for us. We love You dearly. Please show us clearly if we are building Temples on shaky foundations and give us the courage to tear it down and rather to build our Temples on our Rock, Jesus Christ. Amen

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