12. There is no more segregation in Christ

Herod wanted to exalt himself and leave a legacy behind of his greatness. And as part of his construction projects, he rebuilt the Temple of God. He made it bigger and much more imposing than it really was. This didn't please God as we saw last week, because it was all to the glory of men and not to the glory of God.

The Temple was more imposing and magnificent, but basically the layout was the same. However Herod added different courts. A court of the Gentiles were added, then the court of the women, then the court for Jewish men, then the court for the priests, then the Holy Place and the Most Holy place. And between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place a curtain was placed, as it was in the other two Temples.

Now these different courts added were very interesting to me, as the other two temples never had that. God never instructed them to build different courts for different people. And therefore it is my opinion that God never wanted the segregation. God wanted everyone to freely approach His Temple and pray there. He wanted them to be able to sacrifice and worship together. Yet these different courts and segregation between people crept in.

Today still God doesn't want segregation. God loves all people, whether you are black, white, Indian, female or male, He loves all. And He doesn't want us to see different classes of people either. All are special and loved by Him. And with the death of Jesus, we all became sons of God, part of Jesus' body and therefore equal in every aspect:

"For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:26-28

As we've seen in the Kingdom of God series, we are one in spirit with Jesus. When we accepted Him as our Savior, we were born again and baptized into His body. Our newly born spirit and His Spirit became one. And therefore in the spirit, there is no segregation. There is no male or female, rich or poor, or even ethnic groups, we are all one and the same in the spirit. In God's eyes we are as His Son is, perfect in every way.

This verse helped me a lot, as I believe that I am called to preach His Word to males and females alike, to all ethnic groups. Now some denominations believe that females cannot preach to males, but this text verse set me free. As it clearly states that in Christ I am one spirit with Him, and because I am, He is the one preaching through me and I am only the vessel. And therefore my sex or race doesn't matter; it is Him working through me. And today I want you all to realize that and to look beyond what you can see in the physical. Everyone that accepted Jesus is one and the same. We are filled with Him and His goodness. And therefore we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We shouldn't treat one another differently, we are all His beloved children and we should act that way. It grieves God to see His children racially divided. He doesn't want that. He rather wants us to work together for the good of all, no matter your race or sex. He wants us to build His Kingdom and to be an example to the world in order to draw them closer as well. God has a special plan for you, walk in that and take hands with those alongside you. Collectively we can accomplish so much more than we can on an individual basis.

Father thank you for brothers and sisters in Christ. Help us to walk hand and hand to grow Your Kingdom. We don't want to listen to the world and all its lies, we rather want to listen to You and work together with our spiritual family to draw others closer to You. Please help us accomplish that. In Jesus' Name. Amen


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