25. The righteousness of Christ

Last week we finished with the sea of bronze used for the washing of the priests. Today we will start to look at the ten water basins used for washing the burnt offerings. These ten water basins are so full of symbolism we will need to spend the next couple of weeks on them. Today I would like us to start at looking at the reason why these water basins were used as well as the symbolism of the number.

"He made ten lavers, and put five on the right side (of the Temple) and five on the left, to wash in them; such things as they offered for the burnt offering they would wash in them, but the Sea was for the priests to wash in." 2 Chronicles 4:6

Okay so these ten water basins/lavers were used to wash the burnt offerings in. The symbolism here for me is that whatever we bring to the Lord as a sacrifice, we can wash with the water of the Holy Spirit. God wants us cleansed of all wrong doing. That is why Jesus came to shed His blood for us, so that we can be cleansed of all sin and washed with the water of the Spirit. So that we can stand up and be free and liberated from the old lives we used to live and that we can walk as the new creations that we are. We need to put on our armor, amongst others, the breastplate of righteousness. Whose righteousness? Jesus's! He has done it all for us. He was our burnt offering. We simply need to wash ourselves clean by His Spirit and put on His breastplate of righteousness.

There are ten water basins. Ten is the number representing amongst other things, the Ten Commandments. It therefore represents righteousness before God if you follow His law. And the Temple was the perfect place to follow the Law and to be reminded of it. But as we've seen, we are now redeemed from the Law. Jesus gave His righteousness to us in exchange for our sins.

"For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Corinthians 5:21

We are the righteousness (blamelessness) of God IN Christ, not out of our own strength, but HIM shining and living through us. Out of our own strength we will get tired and drained, but through Him anything is possible!

And what is amazing to me is that the ten water basins were split in two, five on the left of the Temple and five on the right. I suppose it was practical to have water basins both sides, but with God nothing is just 'practical'. There is always a deeper meaning in the Bible to everything He did and ordained to be. For five is the number of grace. Isn't it wonderful? While ten represents the Law, five represents grace. So God was in fact telling His people then already, that though they are performing the Law and bringing their sacrifices, there will come a day where it will be all grace!

Are you not glad that we are living in the grace period? What a wonderful privilege! Can you imagine going to the Temple and taking the animal and sacrificing it there? Can you imagine doing that on a regular basis? I for one am certainly glad that we have been freed from that! The one positive from having to bring one's sacrifice regularly forced one to think of God and of drawing closer to Him. Today, a whole number of Christians do not even think of God on a regular basis. They know that they believe and that they are saved, but that is it. They do not draw closer to Him; they do not truly appreciate the Sacrifice made. Let us not all fall into this trap. But let us all hunger for more and more of Him. Let us forever be grateful for what He has done for us. In His righteousness we can have access to the Father and we can have a real intimate relationship with Him, something this world can never provide.

Father, thank you for all the symbolism locked in Your Temple. It is truly amazing and we can learn so much from it today. Thank you for the Sacrifice of Your precious Son. We are eternally grateful and look forward to a life spent with You. Amen

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    Posted Tuesday, 05 February 2019 at 3:05:41 PM

    Thank you for opening up God's Word so clearly. Without incisive contemplation of His Word(like you've done) one would miss so much. Taking Communion regularly is a way to draw closer and be renewed /inspired.

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