30. Stop running and walk in agreement with God

Last week we finished off the water basins and carts that surrounded the Temple. And what a wonderful revelation we obtained from these. Please go and read it if you have missed it and have the time.

Today I want us to start moving towards the Temple and have a look at the two bronze pillars at the entrance of the Temple. These two pillars were made of bronze and the top of the pillars were in the shape of lilies. They also had pomegranates as decorations. These two pillars also interestingly had names:

"Then he set up the pillars by the vestibule of the Temple; he set up the pillar on the right and called its name Jachin, and he set up the pillar on the left and called its name Boaz." 1 Kings 7:21

So let us have a look at the symbolism of the two bronze pillars and their interesting names.

First of all. Why two pillars except that it is practical? Two symbolizes agreement. And I believe that God wanted to tell the Israelites that He wants to walk in agreement with them. He and them should be a team. The Temple was in effect there to draw them closer to Him. So the one pillar symbolized Him and the other the Israelites themselves. And together they were in total agreement.

Secondly the bronze symbolized God's righteous judgment against sin. And this whole Temple typifies God's grace and forgiveness of it once they came to Him for forgiveness.

Thirdly let us have a look at the names. Jachin means 'Yah establishes' and Jachan means victorious. This is the pillar on the right. The pillar on the left is Boaz, which means 'Bearer of the covenant'. Put together it would seem that they mean that Yah (meaning God) establishes the covenant and is victorious. Isn't that wonderful?

So put together these two pillars seem to indicate the following to us:

God is righteous to judge all sin, but He established the covenant for Israel, so that they could walk in agreement with Him into victory. Wow. This statement really made me think, because it is saying the same to us today.

He was righteous in judging all our sin in His Son. He had to deal with sin, so that He could establish a new covenant with us. And in this new covenant there is only one thing for us to do and that is to walk in agreement with Him. Isn't it just amazing how the same message comes through the whole time while we are discussing the Temple? And that is that God wants us close to Him by His side, walking in agreement. That is all. That is the whole secret to life. And yet it is too simple, it is too easy and now we run around frantically trying to 'figure' everything out. We rush around and try on our own. We sweat, we fight, we go to war in our businesses and we struggle to survive. We reason everything out, we blame the government and everyone we can for the way things are. We want to excel and to reach the top; we want to make something of our lives, frantically searching for meaning. We look around and we see a sick world, we see people struggling and we conclude that we need to toughen up to make it. We grit our teeth and we become determined to show the world that we can. We put unrealistic pressure on our children and we teach them to dance to the melody of this life. We teach them to cope under pressure and we teach them that life isn't fair. And all the while God is standing at the entrance of the 'Temple' waiting for us to get into agreement with Him. He sees us running around in the outer court, sacrificing, sweating and crying. And all the while He is crying too, because He has so much more for us. So much more. He is waiting for us to give up on our own efforts and rather to walk further with Him.

Are you ready to stop running, to stop trying, to stop forcing things to happen? He is waiting at the entrance. He is ready to lead you in, in agreement with Him. Are you ready?

Father I see Your tears of frustration. I see You agonizing for Your children determined on doing their own thing. Father, we know that in agreement with You all things are laid out for us. In agreement with You we can walk and not grow weary, run and not faint. You will give us the strength. Here we come Father; we look forward to walking in agreement with You. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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    Posted Monday, 11 March 2019 at 3:04:49 PM

    So kragtig! Ek vat dit beslis vandag (kop toe) en hart toe.

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