34. Spend time in the presence of love

Last week we finished with the symbolism of the entrance of the Temple. But as we've seen the whole Temple inside is decorated in the same manner as the entrance, namely with cherubim, palm trees, open flowers and gold.

So let us take all these images together and see to what conclusion we can come.

Firstly we had a look at the cherubim engraved on the entrance. We came to the conclusion that it depicts that we must stay close to God, in His presence. We should be defenders of all that is good and continue praising His holy Name.

Secondly we had a look at the palm trees engraved on the entrance. We concluded that we must walk in the victory that Jesus bought at the cross for us. We should give honor to Him, praise Him and then flourish where we are planted.

Thirdly we had a look at the open flowers engraved on the entrance. The flowers depicted for us God's deep love for us, His special way of surrounding us with flowers and saying 'I love you'. Flowers also serve as a warning to us that things done for the glory of man will fade, but things done for God will last forever.

And lastly we had a look at the meaning of gold. Gold reflects the absolute majesty and infinite richness of God. The gold is used to lure us into the Temple and once there, we must be honest and open with Him, genuine in our faith.

So once we enter into the Temple God wants us to know the following:

We should stay close to God, knowing that He loves us dearly. We should give honor to Him and praise Him. He wants us to talk to Him and to be honest and open to Him. And then flowing from that intimacy, He wants us to walk in the victory Jesus brought for us. He wants us to be defenders of all that is good and do everything to the glory of His Name and in the process lure others in as well.

God's heart is a heart of love. God IS love (1 John 4:8), and everything He does flows out of it. Therefore in a nutshell He is telling us to come closer to Him, to stay near to His heart of love. And then He wants us to go out and attract others to Him as well. He loves to love. He wants us and all His wayward children close by His side. He wants to protect us like a hen protecting her chicks. Go and read Psalm 91 again. God has such fabulous promises for us in that Psalm, but all of them will only realize when we 'abide in the shadow of the Almighty'. In other words close to Him. All answers lies up, close and personal. Jesus died and gave access to us to have this wonderful relationship with Him. Stop running around and appreciate the fullness of what He has given us. Stand in awe of the wonderful gift you have, the amazing invite that has been extended towards you. And grab it with both hands. Enter into the Temple and just be with Him. With an earthly mindset we will feel as if we are not doing anything. But in effect we are doing infinitely more than we can ever imagine or think. God will then go behind the scenes and fight for us and help us in ways we never even thought possible. Just come. That is all.

Thank you Jesus for opening the way for us. Thank you for dying for us to make all of this possible. We thank you and praise You forever! We are sorry that we do not always make time for You. We are sorry that this world becomes too important for us. Here we come. We are entering into Your presence and we rejoice in all that You are. Amen



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