32. See the spiritual flowers in your life

Last week we had a wonderful revelation of the meaning of the two pillars in front of the Temple. It is so amazing to see that all the symbolism surrounding the Temple is there to draw people closer to God. That is His hearts' desire. To have people close to Him. And when we are close to Him, life will make sense and we can have a clearer view of what is going on in our lives.

Today I want us to have a look at the entrance of the Temple:

"The two doors were of olive wood; and he carved on them figures of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers, and overlaid them with gold; and he spread gold on the cherubim and on the palm trees." 1 Kings 7:32

Again symbolism is locked in the carvings used. In fact the whole Temple inside had these three symbols namely cherubim, palm trees and open flowers.

We have looked at the meanings behind the cherubim and the palm trees, so today we will have a look at the open flowers. The Bible talks a lot about flowers. Let us have a look at a couple of verses and see to what conclusion we can come.

"I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." Song of Solomon 2:1

"The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land." Song of Solomon 2:12

If we look at these two verses Jesus compares Himself to the rose of Sharon. And in His love language for His bride He mentions flowers quite often. Today we also associate flowers with a gift of love, friendship or even sympathy. Flowers are beautiful and there to be enjoyed. It says 'I love you' in so many ways.

But of course flowers can fade away as well as we see in 1 Peter 1:24, 24:

"All flesh is as grass and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, and its flower falls away, but the Word of the Lord endures forever."

God compares all the glory of man to flowers that falls away. All our own efforts, all our own striving will amount to nothing at the end of the day. But fortunately the Bible says that the flowers in the Temple are open flowers. In other words it is symbolic of flowers that will never fade away, because they are blooming in the presence of God.

Thus the open flowers in the Temple tell us that God loves us dearly. He wants to give us flowers and say 'I love you' in a special way. Nowhere outside the Temple were flowers except for the lilies depicting God's provision. But otherwise, if we want to be surrounded by His love, we need to enter into the Temple and stay there. And there the flowers will last, because all the flowers inside is to the glory of God and not to the glory of man. All we do whilst inside the Temple is to His glory and the fruit of what we do led by His Spirit will last forever, it will never fade away.

Walk in this life and see the open flowers that God wants to bless you with. See Him in everything and glorify Him in all. Then you will have treasures in Heaven, where it will never fade and stand the test of time.

Father thank you for all the flowers all around us. Thank you that when we do see physical flowers, that they are a reminder to us of all Your love, blessings and goodness. You are so amazing, so wonderful, such a blessed God. It is wonderful to know that everything we do flowing out of Your presence have eternal value. We praise You for that. Amen

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